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Company Culture

People Vision : “At Al-Ajmeel, we aim to build a challenging and rewarding work environment in which our competent people can develop and utilize their full potential to achieve the Company’s as well as their own goals”.

Values : We believe that the following core values help us realize our people vision.

Competence: Competence refers to knowledge, skills, abilities, attitudes and other qualities required to perform effectively in the workplace.

Fairness :Fairness means that our actions and decisions are just, timely, impartial and objective.

Respect : Mutual trust, recognition of achievements, self-esteem and regard for others are important elements of respectful working relationships.

    Career Growth

    Regular Performance Appraisals

    Employee’s capabilities, achievements, readiness for greater responsibilities and areas for improvement are monitored during Al-Ajmeel’s regular performance appraisal. Al-Ajmeel expects its employees to take the lead in their respective professional and personal development within an approved structure. The Company takes a supporting role in this by providing them financial and educational means (e.g. training, mentoring, counseling, etc.) upon the identification of a need during the regular performance appraisal. Both the direct supervisor and the employee can suggest the possible courses the latter can attend to.

    Further Education
    We have a Further Education Policy which financially assists employees who wish to follow individual courses of study which are closely related to the employee’s current or potential future work assignment.


    We recognize that our most important resource is our employees. Therefore, we train and develop our workforce so that they will gain the necessary skills to reach their full potential. By improving the skills and knowledge of our staff, we produce confident, highly qualified staff working as an effective and efficient team committed to continuous improvement and excellence.

    From time to time, we require employees to attend specific training or instruction delivered by internal or external facilitators. This may be on the job or in a classroom.

     Career Movements

    We design and develop various schemes of career movements to motivate and retain high performers and allow them to use their maximum potential. While we strive to create better and bigger business opportunities and challenges, it’s up to the employees to prepare themselves and take advantage of such opportunities. We, however, support pro-active employees in developing their competencies to shoulder higher responsibilities.