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About Us

Our Core Value

Passion Agility and Innovativeness: We are committed to delivering high quality products, services and innovative technologies that shall help and improve the communities and environment.

• Customer Focus: We are dedicated to satisfying customer needs by providing quality and honoring the commitment that we made to them.

• People Centredness Safety: We believe in the inherent worth of our employees and treat our team members, customers, partners and suppliers with mutual respect and sensitivity.

• Integrity: We accept responsibility for our actions, make and support business decisions through experience and good judgement.



Founded in Iran in 1988, Al-Ajmeel  has grown to become one of the leading construction contractors across Africa, the Middle East and the Sub-Continent.

We specialise in complex and prestigious construction and infrastructure projects.  Our portfolio includes some of the region’s most iconic landmarks, from super high-rise luxury developments, to  five star hotels, hospitals and intricately sophisticated smart buildings.  We have also constructed vital infrastructure and oil & gas projects, including desalination plants, power plants and marine projects.

Our established contacts in the region, a highly skilled and dedicated team, our innovative methods and an exacting standard for completion have earned us a competitive edge well recognized in the industry.

We have exacting  HSE and sustainability standards and the health and safety of both our employees and the general public is given utmost priority.

Longstanding relationships with our clients have played a significant role in providing outstanding construction contracting services to companies and government agencies across the Middle East. With our continued commitment to development and change, we look forward to the future and all the challenges and opportunities that it will offer.

Mission and values

Vision Statement of Al-Ajmeel

Strive to consistently raise Al-Ajmeel’s stake in the development of Middleeast, and stake in the world economy.

Mission Statement of Al-Ajmeel

The path to realizing Al-Ajmeel’s Vision is based on fundamental vlaues of trust, respect, and shared benefits.


Our Mission:

  • To undertake the construction business with prime focus on cost leadership with excellence
  • To meet stakeholders’ expectations of scope, quality, timely delivery, safety and environmental concerns.
  • To develop effective management processes that help raise productivity, uninterruptedenhancement in the reach of the organization,
  • To instill in all personnel professional work ethics, respect for all stakeholders, work standards and regulations,

 To build value for the organization and its stakeholders in order to become the most preferred choice of every customer.

Quality System

We at Al-Ajmeel fully understand that our accomplishments lie in maximum customer satisfaction which is achieved by consistently providing quality products and services in accordance with customers’ needs and expectations. Our commitment to quality is driven by the following guiding principles:

  • Understand current and future customer needs and strive to exceed customer expectations.
  • Identify and delivering innovation technologies and services that fulfill the markets needs.
  • Strictly adhere to any legal and regulatory requirements that apply to our services.
  • Strive for continual improvement of our services based on objectives settings and measurements.
  • Continuous updating of every employee’s skills and competencies and improving quality in his work function.